Submersible Shallow Well Pump 1HP with Pressure Tank for House 876GPH
Submersible Shallow Well Pump 1HP with Pressure Tank for House 876GPH
Submersible Shallow Well Pump 1HP with Pressure Tank for House 876GPH
Submersible Shallow Well Pump 1HP with Pressure Tank for House 876GPH
Submersible Shallow Well Pump 1HP with Pressure Tank for House 876GPH
Submersible Shallow Well Pump 1HP with Pressure Tank for House 876GPH

Shallow Well Garden Pump 1HP 876GPH

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1HP Power Motor and Durable Impeller Ensure Efficient Water Extractiondurable.
Durable Carbon Ceramic Mechanical Seal Can Prevent Water Leakage Effectively and Provide Long Service Life.
420 Stainless Steel Machined Shaft, Built to Last.
Temperature Sensing with Outomatic Overload Stop.
Portable and Durable Design with Iron Handle.
Wide Applicability.





JGP8001WINOX-Shallow Well Pump 1HP 865GPH

Garden well pump shallow well is perfect for transferring water from wells or water reservoirs to upper stories of building. Keep the clean water flowing into your house, cabin, or farm with Fotingtools‘ Submersible Shallow Well Pump 1HP Deep Small Water Pump 876GPH. Portable for Outdoor Backyard Swimming Pool, Garden, Pond Basement. Irrigation pumps are designed to supply water to a particular area. The pump delivers water to sprinkler heads.
  • 【1 HP Powerful Motor】The electric water pump features an energy efficient motor, which guarantees 876 GPH high flow and 26 ft strong suction up. Moreover, the portable electric pump has the ability to lift water up to 125 FT@55 Psi Max pressure while in a low energy consumption but efficient and reliable performance.
  • 【Portable and Durable Design】This lawn sprinkler pump has an easy-to-carry iron handle with light weight for portability. High-strength stainless steel head and aluminum body against corrosion and abrasion. Waterproof On/Off switch for safety and easy operation.
  • 【Premium Material】The water pump can function as a pressure booster pump when used with a regulator, and its carbon ceramic mechanical seal ensures no water leakage and provides a long lifespan. Additionally, its energy-efficient motor maximizes water usage, while its durable stainless steel casing and aluminum motor housing ensure long-lasting and corrosion-resistant performance.
  • 【Overheat Protection】Built-in automatic thermal overload protection will prevent the motor from overheating and burning. When the water inside the pump runs out, it will shut off automatically to protect the motor. This manual garden pump is self-priming and remember to turn off the switch after use.
  • 【Wide Applications】 The electric water pump is ideal for sprinkler systems, irrigation, water transfer for daily use, drawing water from shallow wells, ponds, lakes, rain barrels, water tanks, etc.

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Application Areas

  • watering gardens, lawn irrigation,  farm, greenhouses

Customer Reviews

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Exactly what you want. Lightweight, simple easy and powerful

shawn k thompson
Powerful enough to run sprinkler head

Pump shipped fast. Very easy to hook up using the right fittings. I had my pond dredged out and after letting the silt dry out for a few months smoothed it all out and planted new grass. Using this 1hp pump to run a single sprinkler head. It's shooting water at least 25 feet. If you set your sprinkler up for 180 degrees+ it covers 50'. Very satisfied with performance of this $87 pump.

Works great for irrigation

I got this to irrigate garden beds. I have multiple rain barrels that store water in the fall and winter. In order to move the water from the barrels through an irrigation system, I needed a pump with the ability to have standard hose hookups as well as the horse power to move water long distances ( approximately 30 feet). I ran this pump multiple times and it has plenty of horsepower to pressurize the irrigation system I engineered. Decent price, great horsepower, and easy to use with common hoses.

,Amazon Customer
Powerful quite transfer pump

Purchased this after using a 1/10 HP transfer pump. This 1 1/4 HP pump runs extremely quite and transfers water quickly. Solid build.

carlos paternina
Excelente producto

Muy agradecido con este producto recomendado al 100 ?? muy bueno



03.Easy to Install

Pump has 1 inlet NPT discharge and 1 outlet NPT suction for easy installation, simple for cleaning and maintenance.

02.Portable Handle

Portable design brings max convenience and comfort, Suits for garden ponds, sprinkling systems, flow irrigation systems, rain barrels, use in agriculture settings, shallow and water wells.

01.Stainless Head

The high-strength stainless steel sprinkler head and the aluminium body ensure the irrigation pump durability and corrosion resistance


04.Waterproof Switch

The waterproof manual switch makes the water control safer and more accurate.