Submersible Pumps

Pump water quickly and easily, ideal for transferring or draining clean or slightly dirty water from any enclosing environment, such as flooded basements, water wells, garages, garden ponds, tankless heaters, hot tubs, pools, backyard and the sink of accumulated water, and so on.

Garden Pumps

A garden pump is one that is used to obtain clean water and provides high pressure to irrigate a garden or plots of land. You can use for ponds, pools, sprinkling systems, flow irrigation systems, gardening, rain barrels, shallow water wells for such agriculture settings.

Submersible Pumps

Garden Pumps

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FANTASTIC product.

In the past the pumps i bought cost twice as much and did not pump the water at all and lasted one season. This little thing works great, and I just bought a second one as a backup.Highly recommend this pump.

Katherine M. Burke

Verified Buyer

Best little pump!

I use this pump to drain a swimming pool that was full of crap. Took a few days and this pump was amazing. I abused this pump every day, and she kept on ticking! Able to get all the water out down to the mud. Highly recommend this pump.


Verified Buyer

Submersible Sump Pump

The unit was easy to use. I needed to drain my Hot Tub and read the instructions before using. I used my garden hose, attached it to the pump, lowered it in the bottom of the Hot Tub, plunged it in and the pump drained my Hot Tub in about an hour.

Edward L. Volpicelli

Verified Buyer

Works Great

we got this very early .so we tried it out in a bucket filled with water and this works great. cant wait to use it in the pool to drain it so we can level the pool out . i hope everyone gets this. the price is great . i would get another one if need be,

Candy Clark

Verified Buyer

Serious flow

With this pump, literally minutes till the cover is bone dry. Pump has no problem with the leaves that are often floating in the cover water. Very happy thus far.

Thomas Jay Flis

Verified Buyer


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