Foting 1/2HP 2535GPH Submersible Sump Pump Portable Clean/Dirty Water Pump
Foting 1/2HP 2535GPH Submersible Sump Pump Portable Clean/Dirty Water Pump
Foting 1/2HP 2535GPH Submersible Sump Pump Portable Clean/Dirty Water Pump
Foting 1/2HP 2535GPH Submersible Sump Pump Portable Clean/Dirty Water Pump
Foting 1/2HP 2535GPH Submersible Sump Pump Portable Clean/Dirty Water Pump
Foting 1/2HP 2535GPH Submersible Sump Pump Portable Clean/Dirty Water Pump
Foting 1/2HP 2535GPH Submersible Sump Pump Portable Clean/Dirty Water Pump
Submersible Automatic Water Pump 1/2HP 2535GPH

Submersible Automatic Water Pump 1/2HP 2535GPH

Ensure Efficient Water Extractiondurable.
Durable Carbon Ceramic Mechanical Seal Can Prevent Water Leakage Effectively and Provide Long Service Life.
Automatic Manual Operation
420 Stainless Steel Machined Shaft, Built to Last.
Temperature Sensing with Outomatic Overload Stop
Wide Applicability.





Q400210-Submersible Sump Pump 1/2HP 2535GPH

Guard your space against water damage with Fotingtools‘ Submersible Sump Pump Electric Utility Pump. 1/2HP Clean/Dirty Water Pump, 2535GPH. Portable for Swimming Pool Garden Pond Basement with 25ft Long Power Cord.
  • 【1/2 HP Powerful Motor】 The submersible water pump features an energy efficient motor, which can drain water up to 2535 Gallons Per Hour and lift water up to 27ft of vertical height while in a lower energy consumption, more energy-saving and quiet. 
  • 【Durable and Reliable】Full corrosion-resistant shell and environmental thermoplastic construction of the pool pump ensures corrosion, resistance and durability. Built-in automatic thermal overload protector will prevents the motor from overheating and burning, which is suitable for continuous duty use in draining application. 
  • 【Easy to use】Foldable handle as well as 25ft power cord makes the pond pump easy to carry and install from farther position. The portable electric pump comes with 2 Adapters: elbow adapter, Multi-hose Adapter, which fits 36mm, G1" and 26mm hose. You can use different sizes of hoses to connect this small water pump. 
  • 【Auto Float Switch】The submersible pump can be controlled by adjustable tether float switch - plug it in and forget it! When the water level rises above the pump, the pump will start working automatically. When the water level is under the pump, it will automatically disconnected the power. 
  • 【Wide Applicability】This electric water pump is designed for completely draining clean or slightly dirty water from swimming pools, standing water in basement, cellars or garden ponds, sumps, window wells and flooding in low lying areas, and suitable for flushing hot tub, tankless water heater.

Technical data

Application Areas

  • Pumping water from garden ponds 
  • Use in event of flooding Building drainage 
  • Home applications: supplying service water to toilets and washing machines

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Kayla Loflin
works great!

My husband tested this pump by putting it in our pond, and it circulated the water way better than he was expecting it to. We haven't used it to drain the pond yet, because we still need to get a 1" hose that fits the pump, but we're sure it will work fantastically based on the power we've seen from it inside the pond!

Mr. M
Excellent strong pump

The pump is very strong and pumps out lots of water.
Quality built. It is small and light weight.
Like the floater that worked well.
The fitting is std size and is good seal.
Good value

Hammerjacks Bob
Easy to use and pumps out the amount of water expected from a 1/2 hp pump

So plug it in, throw it in and it pumps out water as it should. The float works as it should but if you want lower levels (down to under a inch) of water below a few inches you'll need to turn auto off and keep the float attached to the pump not to mention stay around and be ready to turn off. The plastic fittings/parts seem more durable than some others I have seen but only time and use will tell fr sure. It was as quiet as many of the other similar pumps so no complaints there. The two adapters will fit a wide variety of hose sizes. I like the 25' cord which is made for deeper pools. I cannot speak to dirty water as it was only tested in clean water out of a small pool. Small. fairly light and easy to move around and store.

Timothy Blum
Nice pump

Nice automatic submersible pump. Good size and the plastic construction for the case makes it fairly lightweight and portable vs cast iron pumps. Although plastic it seems very durable and sturdy. It comes hook ups for various hoses and a nice long cord with float switch. Durability unknown but works great so far.

Timothy Blum
excellent little garden sump pump

So, my use for. these is limited to garden work, and/or the occasional seasonal outdoor flooding...the latter being my primary concern. We live in a subtropic zone that is seeing more extreme weather more often, so decided to start taking more precautions, like this light weight, light duty pump. It is well made, works as advertised, small and easily portable. It won't move enough water to protect against flooding a basement I don't think, you'd want more power...but this is perfect for light duty applications and moving small bodies of water around. Would get again, happy to have in our emergency weather kit.